Power Products LLC Mobile Device User Policy


The following Power Products LLC Cell Phone standards have been established in order to enable the best possible support with as few resources as possible. These standard parameters will keep costs and procedures consistent across all employees. Power Products LLC will not entertain the usage of personal cell phones on the Corporate Network.

All employees that have been provisioned with a Power Products LLC Cell Phone have agreed to this “Power Products LLC Mobile Device User Policy even without a formal signed agreement from employee.

NEW PHONES – subject to change

All new employees will be ordered a new line of service and a Smart Phone. The model of phone will be consistent to ensure standardization and simplification.

  • Powers Product LLC owns the device, service plan and all information/ data on the device, with the exception of personal data
  • Power Products LLC is not responsible for personal data on the phone
  • IT will determine iPhone Model at time of employee hire
  • New employees can request to port an existing phone number to the Power Products phone / contact IT for assistance
  • Employees that will be traveling for international business should notify the helpdesk to enable the international plan - Employee can opt for the International (data) plan for Personal Travel; Charges will apply
  • Employees should refer to ‘New iPhone setup instructions’ document found in Q:/IT - Public


  • Swapping phones with another employee is not allowed
  • In countries where the carrier allows a discounted upgrade, ‘Borrowing’ an upgrade from another employee is not allowed – each person is to follow the upgrade options as defined in his or her specific contract
  • In the U.S. each line of service is contractually eligible for new hardware at 24 months. Power Products LLC will not proactively upgrade the device
  • IT will determine upgrade device with two considerations:
    • Employee can opt for an early upgrade after 18 months but employee will incur the ‘buyout fee’ which will be deducted from their pay check
    • Employee can opt for most current iPhone model but will incur the cost difference between standard iPhone model offered and model requested. The cost will be deducted from their pay check
  • IT will consider a device malfunction/failure as a priority and will make a reasonable effort to replace it with a new or existing spare device
  • Employee will be responsible for all charges to replace lost devices
  • Employee will be responsible to repair damaged phones i.e. glass repair / excludes manufacturers defects


  • To configure an iPhone, Apple Corporation requires the user to create and setup an Apple ID. The Apple ID is required to download applications and other media to an iPhone. The Apple ID is also needed to use Apple’s iCloud functionality that provides Power Products LLC users with device backup functionality
  • Apple requires new users to provide a Credit Card to create an Apple ID. Power Products LLC IT requires the employee to provide Personal Credit Card information while creating their Apple ID
  • Power Products LLC will reserve the right to retain the user’s Apple ID in the event of an employee departure
  • To reset your apple id go to https://appleid.apple.com


  • Voice & Text plans are unlimited
  • Voice & Text plans while traveling internationally incur additional charges. Please contact the helpdesk for further information.
  • Data Allowance is 2 GB per person per month. WARNING excessive data usage could result in additional charges to the employee.


  • Each phone has a 12 month warranty (US ONLY), and the phone will be replaced under the carrier warranty regulations (US ONLY). The warranty usually covers any manufacturing defects or a malfunction. It does not cover broken glass or water damage or loss.


  • The phone will be replaced with any known working spare equipment. There is no option for the employee to receive a brand new device unless their device is up for contractual renewal


  • When an employee’s relationship with Power Products LLC is terminated for any reason, the employee can request to take the phone number to a personal account with the same carrier. IT will make a reasonable effort to assist in porting of the number with the same telecommunication carrier, however; porting the number to a different carrier is not supported. The final decision to port the phone number to a personal account is at the sole discretion of IT and the business management and should not be considered a right of an employee.
  • If the employee takes the number, any remaining contract term and conditions transfer with that line. The employee assumes full responsibility for the contract, and Power Products LLC is relieved of this obligation which avoids cancellation fees for Power Products LLC
  • If the employee does not keep the number, IT will cancel the number as soon as it is prudent. The device will be collected from the employee and evaluated for usefulness as a spare
  • The employee will be responsible to turn off ‘find my iphone’ setting OR provide the Apple ID credentials


All corporate data on the device, which includes email, contacts, calendar items, and reminders, will be backed up by Power Products LLC. Any other data on the phone can be backed up in the following ways:

  • iCloud – each user is responsible for activating iCloud services and monitoring these backups personally. The iCloud can automatically back up photos, notes and some application data stored on the iPhone
  • iTunes – iTunes can be used to manage the iPhone. However, IT will not support iTunes on iPhone OR company computers. Employees have to make sure they comply with the terms and conditions set forth in the Power Products Mobile Device Acceptable Use Policy to ensure protection of company proprietary data.


ACCEPTABLE USE: All terms and conditions set forth in the Power Products LLC Mobile Device User Policy are applicable to the usage of Power Products LLC provided smart phones accessing Power Products LLC Network and Data. Each employee utilizing company provided smart phones will be responsible for maintaining compliance with the Power Products LLC Cell Phone Standards and Policy. Power Products LLC is not liable or responsible for any Copyrighted material that an employee installs or stores on their company Smart Phones. Employees will be fully and solely responsible for any breach of these Copyright Laws.