Great news! The Power Products Marketing Resource Center (MRC) has been updated!

We've streamlined the look and added new features to make it more user friendly.

Click here and login

Here's a run down of some of the new great features:

New Layout

First thing you will notice is the clean simplified look. The brand logos across the top and the short category menu on the left make it so there is no more need to scroll. Various options make it easier to access what you need quickly. There are now three options to access what you need: Click on the brand logo—this option shows you everything within that brand Hover over the brand logo and then choose a category from the drop down menu—this option will help you find something specific such as Ancor>catalogs Category list menu (left-hand side)—this option shows you everything in that category (example: if you click on "Catalogs", it will show you all branded catalogs).

Favorites (this one is my favorite) Find yourself looking for the same literature piece every time you login? This great new feature allows you to "collect" items you frequently access into a 1 click access location named Favorites. You can find it in the category list menu on the left. Once you've found a piece of literature you want to add to Favorites, click on the heart with the plus (see pic below). Then when you click on Favorites in the category list menu on the left, all of your pieces you selected are there. When you've decided you no longer want a item in your Favorites folder, click the minus and the item will be removed. Note: when surfing through the site if you run into an item that has a heart with a minus through it, that item is in your Favorites folder already.


Quick Ordering

With all the different ways of viewing literature, it has now become quicker to order items. If you are in any part of the site that shows multiple pieces (like Favorites), you can type in the qty you would like for each item in the qty box. Then after you've typed in all quantities in each of the boxes, click the "Add to Cart" button. No need click Add to Cart for each individual item.

Recently Added

When you login to the MRC, the first page you will see is the "Recently Added" page. This is your home page. Anything new that has been added to the site in the last 3 months will show here. If you are surfing the site and want to return to this page, click on "Recently Added" in the left hand list.

Same order for multiple people

You are now able clone orders. This works after you've created an initial order. After an initial order has been entered, click on the Order History button. This will show you a list of your orders. Find the order you you want to clone and click on the "Copy Order" button. You will then be able to search your address book (addresses entered on previous orders) or add a new address to ship to. Check the box beside each name you want to send to and click the "submit checked" button. Once the list has all the names you want, click the "submit clone(s)" button, and the system will generate identical orders shipping to everybody on your list.


Logos are now available on the MRC. Each brand now has both a color version and a black version in the following formats: .jpg, .png (transparent background), and .ai (for vendors—send this format if .eps has been requested)

logo format

I hope you enjoy the new changes. If you don't have access to the MRC or don't see the brand(s) you should have access to, contact me and I will check into it.

Please keep in mind that this is a new update and it is inevitable that there will be a few bugs. Let me know what they are and I'll see what I can do to fix them right away.