Please read through the Mobile Device Request options below and select the one that is representative of your need.

Personal Plan Request

*All employees electing the personal plan will receive unlimited voice and messaging.
 Data is limited to 2GB per person on average per month.

• Power Products offers ONLY this personal plan - no exceptions
• There is no plan that covers texting to international phones, or texting while traveling internationally
• Employees opting for the personal plan will be charged $15 per pay check

Early Upgrade Request

*An employee electing an early upgrade request will incur the service provider contractual upgrade charges
• iPhones are eligible for upgrades beginning at 18 months
• Employee can request newer model but will incur the service provider phone upgrade charge

iPhone Model Upgrade Request

*Employees eligible for contractual upgrades can opt for the newest iPhone model
• A one time fee will be incurred by the employee
• The charge is the difference between the current IT iPhone model and the requested iPhone model *restrictions may apply*

Employee Information
   Read the mobile device user policy.

All Personal Plan electives comply with Power Products LLC Mobile Device User Policy' and must be adhered to as written. Noncompliance could result in immediate suspension of Mobile device.